Our Supporters

The ACME Foundation aims to spend only the absolute minimum on its administration costs. We are very fortunate to be supported by the following organisations.

Excite Media Excite Media (www.excitemedia.com.au) is kindly providing web design and graphic design services to the ACME Foundation.

Michael Ellis & Associates, Accountants kindly provide low bono accounting services to the ACME Foundation.

Funds for the ACME Foundation comes primarily from property investment. While we would like to think that arises from our superior intelligence and business acumen, more likely it occurs largely by good fortune strongly supported by ongoing property investment advice and management services from Montague Developments and Trans Action Property Services.

Montague Developments (www.montaguedevelopments.com.au)

"Montague Developments is a fully independent, professional property investor and developer based in Brisbane, Australia. Our focus is to add value in all aspects of the work we do whether they are our own projects, Joint Ventures or Partnerships."

Trans Action Property Services (www.transactionproperty.com.au)

"Trans Action Property Services is a fully independent professional consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia. Our focus is to provide pro-active management of the client's assets to ensure the maximisation of returns and the protection of the capital asset."



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