About Us

The ACME Foundation is a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) as defined by Australian tax legislation. The trustee of the PAF is Lho La Pty Ltd. (Lho La is part of the Himalayan range and has a historic connection in the eventual conquest of Everest going back to George Mallory in 1922.)

John McKinnon, Julie and Jeff Wicks are the directors of Lho La and John is also the Responsible Person for the PAF as required by the ATO.

Jeff and Julie Wicks are the principal donors to the ACME Foundation.

Jeff Wicks is a retired airline pilot now involved in property investment and development to fund the ACME Foundation.

Julie Wicks is a retired business manager now active in animal welfare.

John McKinnon is a director of his own family's PAF and brings considerable knowledge and experience to the ACME board.

Michael Ellis was a director and Responsible Person for ACME from inception until his untimely death in March 2020. We ackowledge his considerable contribution over many years. We miss him.









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